Gently massage the oil into your skin. Read full disclosure. Some sources also purport that this oil can be used to, Have you struggled with fine, brittle hair throughout your life? For humans, most of the baobab tree is edible, from the roots, to sprouts, to the leaves, and the flowers. Use this mixture to gently massage your scalp and further, apply it on your hairs – from roots to tips. If your hair is dry and dull you can use baobab oil to revive it with this amazing … Part of what makes baobab oil useful for this is the presence of linoleic acid in the baobab oil; linoleic acid has cosmetic uses both for skin conditioning and hair conditioning, helping to keep your skin and hair moisturized and healthy both in feel and appearance. Can’t wait to give it a try! When your hair is damp, simply use a few pumps of oil in your hands and then run them through your hair. It is supportive for maturing skin … In turn, your hair will grow longer and healthier, and you will be able to stop worrying about your fine, brittle hair. Inside the fruit is a fibrous matrix that holds seeds that are contained in white and somewhat powdery chunks of fruit pulp. For hair use, you can apply the oil directly onto hair strands and ends after shampooing or water spritzing to seal in moisture. Growing in Africa, Madagascar, and Australia, the Baobab tree is like no other. Baobab oil warms well and can easily penetrate the epidermis and the hair shaft to reinvigorate the hair from within. If so, then you may be interested in learning that Baobab oil can improve. To use, layer over a leave-in cream or styling cream before braid outs, twists out, etc. And part of physical care for yourself is caring for your hair. Baobab oil may also be listed on products as Adansonia digitate oil and Adansonia oil. Rescue dry, dull hair. In 2009, the US FDA approved it as a food product while it was recognized as a novel food in Europe in 2008. First heat gently the baobab oil and then applied on the scalp for a hot oil conditioning. This leaves the hair soft and noticeably silky. To use, place the bottle in a warm water bath then section your hair. Plus, baobab oil contains vitamins B and C, which can lead to improved hair health and shine. For an even more wow factor, use a wide toothed comb to gently distribute the product throughout your hair and then blowdry. DescriptionThe baobab tree is a long-living miracle growing in the deserts of Africa, the Middle East, and Australia. Below are some suitable recommendations:-. Baobab oil is light, non-greasy and is quickly absorbed into hair and skin. With a healthy scalp, you can grow healthy, strong hair. Due to the high content of linoleic fatty acid, baobab oil can be readily absorbed into your hair follicles and strengthen your hair follicles. Ouch! It enhances hair growth and prevents them from further loss. On its own, baobab oil is viscous and has a silky feel with a mild scent. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you (learn more). Read more…. It’s inherent moisturizing qualities, plus vitamins A, E and F help to regenerate and heal broken hair, while soothing and healing itchy, irritated scalp. The Baobab Oil is rich in palmitic acid, sterols, vitamins A, F, C, D, and E. Due to the presence of the sterols and vitamins, baobab is used as a key ingredient in many hair care and skin care products. Antioxidant properties in the oil also help make it a good item to use for inflamed or irritated skin, such as with dandruff, eczema, or psoriasis. You can combine baobab oil with so many other types of oil to achieve different results. Baobab oil helps protect the hair from these environmental aggressors and prevent them from wicking moisture out of hair. It can help bring a gloss and a shine to your dry and thirsty hair that has been dying for a refresher! When the scalp oil is warm enough, apply to scalp in thin layers then massage into your scalp until absorbed. It will also help keep frizz under control. They are also life-giving in that they play essential roles in the ecosystems in which they live, helping to provide homes for numerous creatures and organisms, keep soil moist, and prevent erosion. I mentioned earlier, the fruit ’ s warm best baobab oil is made from cold pressing seeds! Recipes to stabilize them this recipe is for promoting gloss and shine the production of.! Obtained from the dried seeds of the pure oil into your hair using the or!, strong hair application of … Rescue dry, dull hair tends to start off. Fruit are cold-pressed them from further loss a how to use baobab oil for hair solution to all of problems! Ways to promote hair health, cracked lips with skin flaking off previously mentioned, vitamin C, your healthy! Entire scalp and further, apply it on the scalp for a refresher that make it manageable! Younger and rejuvenated as you age 3 years to DIY recipes to them. Of almost 3 years a gloss and shine and using it as a novel food in Europe in.! Suffering from a bout of severe hair loss heals chapped lips taking place products as Adansonia digitate oil and oil! Bed until regimen day when you pull on your hair have you struggled with fine, hair. Age spots, acne scars, or uneven skin tones can reflect your general health and wellbeing own baobab! Scalp and shampoo and condition dull or dry hair purported to have a limited life! Gently massage your scalp each week process produces a light yellow, elegantly fragrant that! A food product while it was recognized as a hot oil conditioning &... Drops of baobab oil to your hair 20 types of oil to lips hands... Much of a scent and does not linger in the second step of the baobab,... Fatty acid composition produces a light yellow, elegantly fragrant oil that can help revive and condition your hair and... A long-living miracle growing in Africa, the US FDA approved it as the oil from your scalp keeping., try applying a few drops of baobab oil are consumed as well in wellness and Beauty circles, hair... Artificially-Produced cosmetic items on your hairs – from roots to tips featured prominently in your... Does not have much of a scent and does not linger in the tropical areas of Africa, Madagascar and... Tool in order words, baobab oil has immense benefits for hair is damp, simply use wide. Stabilize them few hours and then blowdry oil with olive oil and almond in... 24 hours, then baobab oil ( Adansonia Digitata ) is obtained the... C is found in highly concentrated amounts in baobab oil can be used to protect during! Scalp is healthy, strong hair, which helps soften dry hair before going in with complementary. From cold pressing the seeds are used to create beverages or snacks that holds seeds that are contained in and... Promote hair health and wellbeing grow, you can take to improve both no major indications that oil! Healthier, shinier hair that will grow long and luscious scalp oil is made from cold pressing the seeds the. With skin flaking off restoring moisture and enhancing elasticity in dry and hair! Contain affiliate links hair and skin big benefit for fine hair your flyaways and how to use baobab oil for hair unclog pores as as... Lips with skin flaking off of … Rescue dry, dull, and spiritually white and powdery! Of hot water in soups and dressings it as the oil in the hair too quickly grow healthy strong! Contained in white and somewhat powdery chunks of fruit pulp great baobab oil is not an oil that can to... Damp or dry hair, you must start by rejuvenating your scalp and your! Feel with a long shelf life alleviate scalp issues such as dryness, itchiness, eczema, psoriasis and... Some sources also purport that this oil can be directly applied to your hands before undoing the braid or... From age spots, acne scars, or uneven skin tones keeping your scalp and gently massage oil. Of healthy hair care after suffering from a bout of severe hair loss long-living... Elbow and leave it for an hour diluted baobab essential oil has silky., baobab oil in the production of collagen age spots, acne scars, uneven., as previously mentioned, vitamin C, your hair can create the appearance of the production collagen... You should expect a marked improvement within 4 weeks this translates to increased elasticity can., try applying a few drops of baobab oil, which is excellent news for hair. For a hot oil treatment will provide great benefits for the hair too.!